Offered Services

In connection with project executions based on agreement and delivery conditions, we offer consultation services not only in an execution part of agreement conditions, i.e. after an agreement for execution of construction works is closed with an investor, but also in pre-investment activities. These activities can be performed during a selection procedure, before an agreement with the investor is signed, depending on a type of the agreement.

Activities Before FIDIC Agreement Is Closed

Before closing the agreement with an investor, these activities are especially evaluation of submitted agreement conditions and determination of adequate measure of risk, resulting from the submitted agreement, based on FIDIC Conditions. This evaluation has a character of Risk Control, whose goal, outside of evaluation and determination of a project risk, is to take into account all risks and specific conditions of the submitted agreement, when determining a price of the contractor´s offer. In case of so called tendered contracts, selection procedure conditions allow negotiation of agreement and delivery conditions with an investor as well. In this part it is especially a control, possibly additions and negotiation of Conditions of Particular Applications with an investor. Negotiation of the agreement between the investor and contractor and explanation of individual articles than significantly decreases a risk of claims that would be a consequence of different interpretations of agreement provisions.

Activities After Agreement Signing (During Execution of Works)

With regard to significant range of specifics that are presented by different versions of FIDIC Conditions, we came up with a practice verified procedure, where, in a framework of consultation services, we create an organization diagram of a project, with descriptions of individual contractor employee activities. However, for foreign work experience it is certainly valid that a company structure and work descriptions of individual technicians of our contractors do not correspond to requirements according to a signed agreement. Practically from agreement signature, a contractor submits requests for extra work by the form of changes and additions to the original agreement. Creation and implementation of a claim agenda and control of its application in practice is a complex service, which we offer not only for large and complex projects, but also for smaller ones. Preparation and submission of a larger claim against an investor then requires a good knowledge of foreign law customs and also methodology of price creation, and taking into account the whole specific project. We shall prepare claim costs in accordance with methodology requested by the agreement, as well as enumeration of time effects, caused by the investor´s side or by other building participants, for you. If a contractor has doubts about interpretation of an agreement already signed with an investor, we shall perform an agreement and agreement conditions analysis at the same time as well. A result of this analysis is a determination of the project risk, as well as recommendation for further procedures with regard to progress of the whole project.

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