Dear business friends,
welcome to web pages, whose main goal is to provide you with basic information on questions of a FIDIC Contract Conditions practice that is used in building and commercial practices in Czech Republic as well.
     Spread of FIDIC Conditions in Czech Republic is due to a high share of construction and developer projects, but especially due to spread of projects co-financing from financial sources of European Union. FIDIC Conditions in basic or applied versions create an agreement base for these projects, and in addition to this, the FIDIC Conditions are a basement of World Bank, European Investment Bank and EBRD agreements as well as other employers all over the world.
     We believe that you shall find enough information about FIDIC agreement questions and range of services that MP Consulting offers in connection with the FIDIC agreement practice on our web pages. Further information on services in connection with management of construction projects based on the FIDIC and VOB Conditions can be found on our pages

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